who are we?

The Blue Ridge Bandits are two sisters from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. The Americana Folk-Grass singers have 7 years of performing live shows, songwriting and a lifetime of sisterhood under their belts. Together, they create visual and meaningful music with sweeping-sister harmonies and powerful lyrics.They bring energy and light to those around them each time they step to the stage.

They began their music career in 2017, as ‘ Katie and Kelly ‘ They were awarded #1 Americana Duo at the Richmond International Film Festival in 2019, after showcasing their original songs on stage. ‘In the Middle’ was their first Studio EP, tracking five Original songs and two singles. They have performed in DC,Maryland, Virginia, California, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Present day, the sisters have grounded deeper to their roots, that being Americana-Folk-Bluegrass music. With these changes, they have created their new band..The Blue Ridge Bandits.